Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Article - enewsletters to watch!

Every morning my inbox greets me with ”enewsletters” on the opportunities in corporate merchandise from China, invitations to global telecommunications conferences in India and other essential information that I am warned to ignore at my peril. There is no point trying to unsubscribe. Once these spammers find you, you are in for a life term. They give the whole email business a bad name. It’s a shame because some newsletters are worth subscribing to. In our industry there are two types of newsletter; the ones that tell you what is happening such as the Adnews and Media Day newsletters, and the ones that deliver insights and current thinking. The second type is arguably more valuable to our businesses however they are also harder to find. Here are a few you might like to take a look at:

Madison + Vine (

This newsletter and site provides a weekly commentary on developments around advertising sponsored programming, product placement and engagement marketing. While entirely US focused, this is the market that is leading the way. If you are really enthusiastic you can attend the annual conference.

Ipsos (

Ipsos is one of the world’s largest survey and research companies and specialise in media and consumer behaviour analysis. The online knowledge centre contains an enormous amount of information, case studies and charts that illustrate changing media behaviours and trends. Registration and detailed report summaries are free. The US site is better than the Australian version.

Molecular (

Do you feel like you are just starting to understand Web 2.0 and everyone else is talking Web 3.0? This is the quarterly newsletter and site for you. Molecular is one of the leading digital strategy and web building firms in the USA. There is a blog, whitepapers and webinars for everyone including the super geeks among us. You can even follow them on Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and You Tube.

Mashable (

Are you having trouble understanding the point of Twitter? Do you have less than 50 friends on Facebook and starting to worry? Worry no more! This weekly newsletter and site is designed to help you make sense of social media. The site also has a news channel on the iPhone and discusses topics such as the likely future of mobile video. The content is more news, discussion and opinion than research however the commentary is moderated by experienced social media consultants.

Clickz (

The Clickz site and newsletter is the true veteran of digital media coverage and an essential for your inbox. The writers have lived through both dotcom booms and it shows in the quality of advice and commentary. There are expert writers within key subject areas such as ROI marketing and paid search strategies that can be difficult to source elsewhere.

Send Up a Larger Room (

While more a blog than a newsletter, this site is authored by Moensie Rossier, who is currently the lead strategist for Carat Sydney. With several years of posting and significant commendation from its peers for outstanding original content, the blog explores consumer behaviour and how we interact with each other and our environments. The posts can occasionally be esoteric and abstract, however the journey is fascinating.

The fact that these sites and their newsletters exist is reassurance that there is genuine quality to be found in your inbox when you log on in the morning.


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